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Welcomes You

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Ivan "The Squeaker" Bosky

Singapura's  Siamese  Devon's

We have no hardened criminals here, just some small time cat burglars and little thieves that will steal your heart, and maybe a tuna sandwich or two.

Singapuras, Siamese & Devon's populate Sing-Sing Cattery. No one ever does any hard time except me. I keep trying to take "mug shots" of the cats who seem to only want their tails photographed.

All kittens are eligible for parole after serving a minimum of 3 months. Our kittens all exhibit good behavior.

In our minimum security environment, no kitten has ever been caged. All are user friendly, socialized, ready to take their places in the outside world, and make loving contributions to society.

Jean Harris 1 Jean Harris 2

Jean Harris a.k.a. "GG" (Golden Girl)

Thank you very much for visiting the inmates at my web site. Should you have any questions, please forward your mail to the "Warden" below.


E-Mail Eileen DiPaolo at either SingSing or CATtica

(908) 852-6039


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